About us

Our vision

PANA Holdings is a business platform that has set sail to become a reference point of unmatched enterprise standards

What sets us apart at PANA Holdings is that “we dream with a deadline” and we strive to bring to life the difference between a business mindset and the mindset of entrepreneurship. To this end, we combine the multifaceted skills of our international executive team and deliver innovative solutions bearing our seal of excellence.

Our Operating Principles

At PANA Holdings, we take pride in and draw confidence from ensuring that the foundations of our company rest on a strong and solid moral ground. We see the three C’s – Character, Capacity and Commitment – and the 3 Ts – Time, Trust and Transparency, as the guiding principles in all our ventures and operations.

We believe that, in order to continue being a major global business partner, it is vital that we not only have world-class resources and expertise, but that we are honest, dedicated and transparent in everything we do.

Respect for deadlines, attendance to detail and persistence in constant training and capacity building of our personnel has allowed us to win the trust of our clients and establish strong partnerships with all our customers. This entrepreneurial attitude has also helped us foster closer working relationships, which we have seen consistently lead to enhanced levels of performance across our scope of activities.

Our mission

We are dedicated to bringing value to our shareholders yet without compromising on our social engagement. We understand complex business environments and we respond with enthusiasm to the challenges associated with doing business in some of the most difficult sectors and most complicated environments.

We connect markets as part of our understanding of globalization and practice change management on a routine basis as we are preparing for tomorrow. Because at PANA Holdings tomorrow starts today