E-commerce/ IT & Telecom


In several countries of the African continent, the overall telecoms capacity is relatively high as a growing number of new fiber optic high capacity submarine cables capable of delivering clearer connections over a larger expanse of land, make their way to the mainstream. At PANA Holdings, we are exploring investment opportunities in the field of fiber optic high capacity submarine cables but also on the side of sub-sea fiber optics cabling services, as well as on the side of specialist engineering projects.

With our attention focused on markets which present a vibrant dynamic for IT products and services, we, at PANA Holdings, are systematically investing in research and development in this area and have already created a portfolio ranging from software start-ups to infrastructure firms. Our crown-jewel isĀ Kari Care Technologies Ltd, to be launched in 2019. Kari Care is a multilevel e-platform, using cutting edge software technology for providing e-products and e-services by technicians trained, certified and supervised within its ecosystem. Kari Care is initially focusing its scope on the MEP domain for building repair and maintenance, and aims at gradually expanding its activities across a variety of additional sectors, pertinent to domestic and industrial needs.


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