At PANA Holdings we have developed a step plan that allows us to identify, scrutinize and rate potential investment opportunities in various milestones.

We place great importance in the conduct of proper due diligence and we spare no efforts in making sure that our investments are observing highest compliance requirements in terms of regulatory, legal and fiscal.

While we are risk embracing we do follow check-lists that enable us to make proper assessments of the opportunities presented.Our understanding of the value chain is looking beyond shareholder benefits and is not limited to mere profitability.

We know that there is no gain without pain but we prefer to balance the investment output in a manner that our risk profile is within acceptable and healthy limits.

We also like to give back to society and we are aware that our people are key to our final success. In this sense all of our investments are “user friendly” and reciprocal.

Our long term goal is to arrive at a pace of growth that will outdo the pace of global economic decline. The challenges ahead are many, the path is steep but so is our determination to succeed.