Corporate Social Responsibility

At PANA Holdings we place great importance on our Social Corporate Responsibility and we do not regard it simply as just another business model or as “window-dressing”. Our Statements of regulatory compliance and business ethics do not stop at P&L levels. It is no secret that the global economy has seen better days.

In today’s fierce economic environment companies and consumers alike are searching for means in which to cut costs without sacrificing quality; boost efficiency without spending more, and reap larger profit without corresponding debt and overhead;

Our desire to “give back” is propelled by our deep rooted gratitude for the things achieved and by our even deeper rooted sense of responsibility towards our Communities and the Environment.

With our main focus to assist the talent-pool of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria to spread their own wings, we have taken over the sponsorship of innovative ideas and we support the younger generations of this country to create their own footprint in the Nigerian business landscape.

The Chairman of PANA Holdings, Daere Akobo, has taken ownership of the execution of a number of charity activities ranging from the building of schools and churches up to the tireless mentorship of a whole new generation of young entrepreneurs and expert professionals who will form the future of Nigeria.

The return anticipated lies in the creation of opportunities to the coming generations and the multiplication of our own Social Corporate Responsibility through them.

If that is achieved in the end, then we know that we have succeeded in instilling the required gratitude and that we have actively contributed to making this world a better one. With this in mind, PANA Holdings is aiming at leaving its own indelible mark but also the mark of its Chairman on the map of philanthropy.