Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is a multifaceted, global industry that impacts all aspects of daily life. Advancing in Nigeria’s oil and gas market means developing smart strategies in the oil and gas value chain as well as sound, economy-proof systems that will weather the test of time. At PANA Holdings we have not spared any effort to bring our mission statement of achieving things at supernatural speed to life and are truly proud to set the standard of excellence in the Country.

In today’s business environment, it is more imperative than ever to boost efficiency and maintain growth while cutting cost and overhead. PANA Holdings is responding to these changes on a real time basis and is always on the lookout for new ways to improve processes and operational efficiency. In Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, these principles are vastly explored as the industry seeks to recoup and restructure while countering the downturn in price per barrel and its effects on the global economy.

The fact remains that oil and gas are still invaluable fuels worldwide, crucial in the production of everyday items like fabrics and adhesives to powering integral facilities such as airports and satellites. The petroleum industry in Nigeria is the largest on the African continent. As of 2014, Nigeria’s petroleum industry contributes about 14% to its economy. Industry diversity is critical, and searching for new sources of oil and gas continues to be both lucrative and attractive. We at PANA Holdings are meeting this challenge through our continuous and restless efforts to enhance existing but also create new value chains that benefit our shareholders, our investors and our employees, alike. Through a number of existing business vehicles in-country we are looking to expand our services offering and are maintaining an open eye for new opportunities in this specific sector. For more information on our current activities in the Oil & Gas sector of Nigeria please visit the following link: www.pe-ng.com